A good and regular homecare routine is ESSENTIAL in not only ensuring the longevity of your service,
but more importantly the good health of  your natural nail!!!! This is for ALL Nail Coatings including Gelish/GHG Hard Gel.

I have 3 GOLDEN RULES of  homecare and these really do make all the difference.

At the very least, twice daily treat your nails to a generous splosh of a good quality cuticle oil (My all-time favourite is Solar Oil) to keep any ‘product’ that you have on your nails flexible and less likely to crack or peel. Your nails and most nails coatings are porous so the nutrients will penetrate through. In the harsh cold winter months you may want to increase this to 3/4 times a day. Even nails that are au-natural will benefit from regular use as it will keep your nails & the skin surrounding your nails healthy and well hydrated, reducing the risk of breakage, peeling and dry skin. Essential for Gelish/GHG Hard Gel Extensions.
Make a new best friend in Marigold! ALWAYS use rubber gloves when washing up or doing grotty dirty jobs around the house or the garden. Your nails are porous and harsh detergents & chemicals can be absorbed and will make your nails brittle  which in turn means they are more prone to breakage & will lead to weakness and poor product performance. Also in the winter months don’t forget a cosy pair of warm mittens! Our hands and nails can get very dry & brittle in the colder weather! Essential for Gelish/GHG Hard Gel Extensions.

Avoid the temptation to put your fingers in your mouth don't nibble, chew or pick at your nails or any coating on them. Don’t tap on hard surfaces ,pick at labels use them as knife or screwdriver!!  Playing with your nails will lead to weakness, breakage and poor product performance. Essential for Gelish/GHG Hard Gel Extensions.

Other Helpful Hints & Tips for you:
If you are jetting off on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain DEET which will cause major damage to the colour coat.
Book a series of appointments for regular treatments.

Treat your nails with care. Car doors, kitchen cupboards, making beds, opening boxes etc can all cause breakages.
Don't go too long now! Excessive length if you are not used to it can cause breaks. If you find your nails get too long, gently shape and file with a good quality file.

Treat your hands to a fabulous lotion several times a day. At night use a hand or body scrub to exfoliate any dryness and then smother your hands in a rich, nourishing lotion and tuck them into some light cotton gloves and you will awake to soft silky hands.

And, remember ………….
Your Nails are JEWELS not TOOLS!
If  You wouldn’t put your face in it don’t put your hands in it!

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