As a form of hair removal waxing is nothing new it has been popular for decades, what is new is ADAM & EVE!!!
The fabulous Adam & Eve waxing range is a divine, luxurious, colourful fun family of products, it was the perfect choice for me when
I was choosing a waxing product to bring to you. Adam & Eve wax works at a lower temperature than more traditional wax products
of the past; this means it gives it fantastic close grip which makes it more comfortable for you. It grabs more of the hair and leaves
no sticky residue, oh, and they smell amazing too!!! I work with both strip wax and hot wax.

What is the difference you say:
Strip Wax: A warm runny wax applied directly to the skin and removed using cloth or paper strips. Great for larger areas such as legs,back,chest.
Hot Wax: A warm sticky thicker wax applied directly to the skin. As it cools is hardens and shrinks itself around the hairs rather than sticking to the skin, and pulled directly off itself without the use of cloth or paper strips. Perfect for smaller areas such as facial and intimate areas.


FULL LEG £25.00
Includes stray spider legs from the bikini area

1/2 LEG £20.00
Includes knee and just above

BIKINI £15.00
LIP/CHIN £10.00

If you are having more than one area waxed I am happy to offer a special price as below:

FULL WORKS £60.00 (saving of £30.00 off individual costs)
Full leg/bikini/underarms/brows/facial

THE ESSENTIALS £30.00 (saving of 15.00 off individual costs)
1⁄2 leg/bikini/underarm

FACIAL £15.00 (saving of £5.00 off individual costs)
Eyebrows/lip n chin


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