I love to share good experiences and great service, all of the following businesses I have had personal and
extremely positive dealings with and would highly recommend them all:

A physiotherapy clinic in the heart of Gloucester’s regenerated docks. G
W Physiotherapy is run by Laura and Mark and they offer physio sessions
alongside Laura's fabulous Pilates classes.

Nikki is a great fitness instructor, I have attended both her step and pilates classes.

Clare was the make-up artist I choose for my own wedding make-up, she is incredibly calm & extremely talented and if I could do it all again I would still choose Clare.

Chris was the hairdresser I choose for my wedding hair and he is
nothing short of a total genius!!!

ABSOLUTELY worth the trip for this fantastic wedding dress shop!

And Samantha now has a sister store in Cardiff:


Again another wedding experience for me, suberb photographer highly recomended.

Joni is a master............ I went from super long locks to a short crop and
have never looked back, Joni is 'the one' for me as far as my mop goes.

This is where The Fairy Nailmother goes for her bit of pampering and time out,
the fabulous team look after your every need.

A real hidden gem in the heart of Cheltenham, you can often find me here
relaxing in the gorgeous underground spa area.

Absolutely top dog groomer and pooch pamperer makes your beloved hound
look a top hollywood star!!

Another sooooooooper pooch pamper parlour!

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