Gelish Hard Gel (GHG) Extension / Nail Enhancement Service

ENCHANTING ENHANCEMENTS – Full Sculpted Set £55.00
Have you ever longed for beautiful nails but just can’t wait for Mother Nature to do her thing? Then this is the service for you. With a swish and swoosh and a wave of the magic wand the Fairy Nailmother can really can make this wish come true. Using Gelish Hard Gel from Nail Harmony watch the magic in front of your very own eyes when we create the nails of your dreams in a fabulous classic French Manicure Finish. Or you can stay ‘clear’ and add a Gelish Gel Polish colour for £10.00 or A traditional nail enamel for £5.00.

Do your natural nails need a boost of strength and helping hand to achieve or maintain your perfect length? Then lets shower them with some GHG TLC. A natural nail overlay of GHG will protect your nails. We can leave them with a gorgeous glossy shine or bring them to life with a coat of Gelish Gel Polish for £10.00 or nail enamel for £5.00

ESSENTIAL MAINTENANCE                         
Your nails will need to be maintained at regular intervals. It is strongly
advisable to book these for every 2 weeks. Your return appointments will be booked following your initial enhancement appointment to ensure we are able to work together to keep your nails looking great. For information please see below a sliding scale of costs according to regularity:
• 2 weekly maintenance £25.00 ( add £10.00 for Gelish )
2-3 Weeks passed £35.00 ( add £10.00 for Gelish )
More than 3 weeks past will mean a total overhaul £45.00 ( Add £10.00 for Gelish )
More than 4 weeks past will mean you will be in need of a complete new set and starting a fresh

HOMECARE IS VITAL You will be given a home care advice note during your first appointment

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