Did you know the average person will take 8-10,000 steps EVERY DAY? Don’t wait for the sun to shine to pamper those hard working feet.
A regular pedicure will leave you with a zing in your step and your feet looking and feeling amazing!

PRIMP PRIME & POLISH (20 mins) 15.00
20 Minutes of flash bang glam. A quick fix for pretty party feet when you get that last minute invitation you just have to look your best for. This includes; file & shape, cuticle maintenance and nail enamel.

TOOTSIE TREAT (45 mins ) £25.00
Let The Fairy Nailmother give you back your sparkle. An invigorating, refreshing and revitalising pedicure. This includes; File & shape, cuticle maintenance, exfoliating scrub, foot & lower leg massage and nail enamel.
Add gel polish for £10.00 - additional 30 mins.

SOLE REVIVER (1 hr 30mins) £35.00
Make some time to treat those hard working feet to the most luxurious pedicure. A rejuvenating, replenishing and indulgently luxurious experience. This includes; File & shape,cuticle maintenance, exfoliating scrub, moisture masque, heated Booties, foot & lower leg massage
and nail enamel
Add gel polish for £10.00 - additional 30 mins.

MINX & KOOKY WRAPS (45 Mins) £20.00
If it’s good enough for the celebs it’s most certainly good enough for my gorgeous Fairy Friends. Are you a “little Minx”? For the hottest most eye catching on trend nails it just has to be Minx or Kooky Nail wraps. Whilst Minx & Kooky Nail wraps are suitable for both tips & tootsies they do last much better on toes (well you can’t do the washing up with your feet now can you?) taking your pedicure to the Oscars! Each service includes a file & shape, cuticle maintenance and the Minx or Kooky design of your choice .

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